Free digital communications and marketing courses online

The world is changing at an unprecedented rate, and it’s up to us to communicate, manage and leverage those changes. But how to keep ahead of the learning curve when it comes to best practice and new technologies? Luckily there are a wealth of free resources online for the busy practitioner on the go!

Google Analytics Academy

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for learning more about how people interact with your website. It can tell you, along with many other things, which marketing campaigns are most successful, how users come to your website and which content leads people to buy your products. In short, it provides valuable data that can inform business decisions.

But to the untrained eye Google Analytics can look very complicated. Loads of different menus and settings, charts and numbers all over the place, and numerous options to customise and filter the overload of information you’re getting. What’s a comms manager to do?? This is where Google Analytics Academy comes in.

It’s a series of online courses aimed at all levels, with videos, activities and quizzes to test your understanding. And once you’ve completed the courses you’ll be ready to take the free online Google Analytics individual qualification exam – another certificate for your LinkedIn profile!

Visit the Google Analytics Academy

Learn more about the Google Analytics individual qualification exam

Open2Study’s digital communications courses

Open2Study is an organisation that offers free online courses, run by university academics. The courses on office range from agriculture to world music, but several will be of interest to digital communications and marketing professionals. These are:

I can personally vouch for the writing for the web course – it helped me to get my current job in digital communications!

See all Open2Study’s online courses

Learn how to explain your online course on your CV

Squared Online scholarship

Squared Online is Google’s digital marketing course, taught online over five months. It brings learners from all over the world together online to work on digital marketing projects and learn from webinars led by industry experts.

This approach is designed to mimic real-life briefs that learners might encounter in a business, making the skills directly applicable to the workplace. In fact, the course has been developed alongside employers to make sure it covers the skills that modern businesses actually need.

The catch is that it’s not actually free… Unless you’re a recent graduate that is, and then you can apply for a scholarship that covers the entire cost of the course. Applications are welcome throughout the year, so if you’re eligible then give it a go.

Learn more about Squared Online

Find out more about the scholarship for recent graduates

Have I left anything out? Where do you get your free communications information from? Let me know!


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