Take control of your social media with an audit

A social media audit is a way to figure out what you’re doing on social media and how well your efforts are working. You check in with your social media profiles to ensure that they’re up to date and giving a positive impression of your organisation, stopping anything that isn’t working for you and building on anything that is.

How do I do it?

Check what’s out there

The first step is to find out how your social media is looking at the moment. After all, you can’t start improving things until you know what kind of state they’re currently in.

Use a spreadsheet to record:

  • All the social media platforms you have accounts with. Facebook and Twitter are the obvious ones, but have you experimented with any others? Your organisation might have accounts on obscure networks that seemed like a good idea at the time, but are now gathering dust and portraying your organisation in a negative light.
  • Frequency of posts for each account
  • Which posts are more popular with your audiences
  • Numbers of followers (or equivalent) for each account
  • Who in your organisation is responsible for each account

Delete neglected accounts

It could be that some of your accounts have not been updated in a long time, or aren’t attracting much attention with your target audiences. If you don’t have to time to dedicate to an account then consider deleting it.

It is much better to do social media well on one or two networks than to spread yourself too thinly and give a bad impression with lots of half-hearted accounts.

Make sure all your accounts are consistent

For most social media networks there are plenty of things you can customise. From user images to font colours, there are loads of opportunities to make your corporate accounts match your branding. When you are doing the social media audit, take time to make sure that your accounts are on brand and are as complete as possible. Do you have a Twitter header photo? Are you using colours from your branding guidelines? These will all make your accounts look more professional and polished.

Set goals

Do you want more followers, more shared content, or to engage your fans in more conversations? Now you know how all your accounts are doing you can set yourself goals tied to your overall communications and business strategy.

Clues on how to achieve these goals can be found when reviewing your content in the social media audit. For example you might have found that posting content at a certain time gets a lot more traffic, or that images and infographics are particularly popular with your audience. Use what you’ve learned to develop a winning strategy going forward.


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